Cultivate Your Inner Garden: Meditation & Art Experience


Cultivate Your Inner Garden: Meditation & Art Experience


What seeds have you planted in your Inner Garden over the past few months for a life of wonderful possibility?

Through meditation and art play, use your intuitive wisdom to reflect on your life journey, to explore where you are on your journey right now, and what speaks to you from your Inner Garden during this Spring season.


 We begin with a Guided meditation with Beth Leas into your Inner Garden where you will observe and listen.  What does your garden look like? Are there seedlings beginning to sprout? Are there established plants beginning to show new leaves? Is there an area that needs water or nourishment?

 The meditation flows into an Art Process facilitated by Mary Cipriano where your Inner Self will guide you toward selecting visual images and words, reflecting what you saw or felt or heard during the meditation.   You will choose an art card of various sizes, then cut and paste the found images onto the cards.  Your intuitive Wise Guide will choose cards and images and even tell you where to place these on the rounds. You may be surprised by what shows up!   

 Your completed cards will provide a visual compass and reminder to care for your Inner Garden through nourishment, water, light, air, weeding, or any other actions needed to keep your plants healthy.

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