TLC Possibilities: Equine Assisted Reiki 1 Certification Class


TLC Possibilities: Equine Assisted Reiki 1 Certification Class


Beth Leas of TLC Center has teamed up with Carrie Brady to offer Innovative Equine Energy Programs with the horses at Possibilities Farm in Wilton, CT.

Unlike humans, horses are prey animals and rely on being energetically attuned to their environment for survival. As such, they are great mirrors for the state of our energy - picking up on our slightest gestures, physiological responses (muscle tension, heart rate), conscious and subconscious energy states.  Horses are full of wisdom - and because they are so attuned to our energetic messages, they provide us with transparent, immediate and non-judgmental feedback on how we're relating to ourselves, each other and our environment. 

These magical classes with the horses at Possibilities Farm are a powerful way to build awareness about your own energetic presence.  And Sweet Potato, Mere and Paddington will help you hone your skills in communicating and listening energetically.

Reiki 1 Certification Training Workshop:  

This is a great starting point for those interested in energy healing and a great adjunct for practitioners/teachers of other modalities.  Reiki is easy to learn, easy to integrate into even the busiest of lifestyles.  The focus of Reiki 1 is learning self-practice, bringing more balance into your life.  You will also learn hand positions for treatment of others and receive an attunement into the Reiki energy facilitated by the horses of Possibilities Farm.

Class held at Possibilities Farm in Wilton, CT

Upon registration: Address will be given.

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