"Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well." - Voltaire


"Beth is a leader in the Holistic Field and is a talented teacher and practitioner. I have received body work over a period of time, have attended networking meetings at TLC and also took a writing class with Beth. She is one of those rare individuals who walk the talk, and I look forward to working with her in the future.” Lisa Feiner

wonderful and magical...

Transformative Healing:  "If you are in any need of body healing there is no one better than Beth Leas at Reiki. She is a master who has been a practitioner for more years than she would want me to admit. After only one session (but there will be more) my body feels like it is someone else's I don't recognize - meaning it feels tension free, anxiety free and fluid and spacious. Do yourselves a favor and run to make an appointment with her! Love you Bethie!" S.B.H.

Energy Healing: "Beth has been my healer and savior during the best and during the darkest times in my life. Give yourself the gift of her healing." L.G.

Jin Shin Jyutsu Session: "Hi Beth, I wanted to let you know that I am feeling MUCH better after our session on Tuesday. About 90% of the tightness in my back is gone and I just feel better - more grounded and hopeful. I will be signing up for your 3-session package. I'll look on your schedule and see when I can come in next week. Thanks again!" J.B.

Reiki Session:  "Thank you so much for the wonderful and magical work you did yesterday! I am so grateful for that. I am especially grateful because it allowed me to go to my favourite yoga teacher in the evening and to do the complete challenging vinyasa class with her! Unbelievable! In the afternoon, before I went to the class, I slept for another hour… after my summer break I will come again and let you take out another part of that old stuff stored in my back. I think it is of no more use there. And I think I will participate in one of your Reiki groups. This method is really fascinating, powerful and gentle. Have a great day and see you soon! All the best." E.O.

Private Transformative Healing Sessions: "If any of you need some clarity or have some stuck emotional issues you want to release, check out Beth Prins Leas at TLC Center - (Total Life Care). I've done life-altering work with her with Reiki and a tarot reading that has lit me on fire. She's a mistress at these arts and I am so grateful for my work with her. Thank you Beth!"  S.H.

Meditation: "Thanks so much for leading a really wonderful meditation class! It has helped me immensely. I hope to keep in touch and perhaps take some more courses at your center in Norwalk." K.R. altering work

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Women's Afternoon Retreat:  "I absolutely loved the retreat yesterday! I added to my vision board the last two nights and I have a feeling I'll keep adding to it throughout the year! I loved this experience and creating this board. It gave me so much clarity and I feel amazing about 2016!" E.J.

Tarot Reading:  "Just want you to know how powerful yesterday's session has turned out to be. It's released a cascade of clarity and an opening of my poor heart which is such a blessing. As are you and the work you do! See you next week for more! xo" S. H.

Meditation: "You are one of the best "feel good" people to be around ever!" MB. P.

Vision Board Workshop: "Beth's Vision Board class was more than just an exercise in visualizing my dreams; it was a little journey into designing some of my dreams and goals. During the guided meditation I was able to shift my focus from what I thought I wanted to what my soul truly wanted. I started the class with a business focused vision board in mind. I left with a much more meaningful life focused board which I look at everyday to remind me of the life balance I strive for to be happy and healthy. I have recommended this class to friends and will do it again myself. Beth created a safe and nurturing environment to explore, dream, and design what I want in life. Thank you Beth!" M.K.

a hugely supporting guide and energy force

MasterMind Group: "I have taken the Solopreneurship Class with Beth and it was fabulous. She's a very good teacher, a hugely supportive guide and an energy force unto herself, as you probably already know. I've met so many amazing people at TLC who have helped me set up workshops, referred a few clients and who have also helped me with my own needs, all at these networking events. I have to give a shout out to you Beth because everything is moving in the right direction for me and I attribute a lot of that to you and my TLC membership." M.R.

Private Business Coaching: "I love working with Beth... she is supportive, insightful, present, available, she is the perfect and right person for me at this moment in my life. She is assisting and guiding me through a relaunch of my business... has clear objectives and gives me assignments each week - to push me forward and get me out of my comfort zone. I will continue to work with her. I would recommend her to my friends and patients... she has something to offer everyone." P.S.

Women's Retreat: "Thank you again so much for a wonderful, healing day of writing and meditation. I hope to attend another one of your events again in the near future. I feel relaxed, grounded and it was great to have a safe space to reflect and be reminded of the things that really matter to me. I've been on quite a journey of healing and soul searching for the past couple years... It's been quite a ride.  Thank you for your guidance and service." A. Z.

Tarot Reading: "Thank you so much for your note, Beth.  I loved the readings you gave me!  They definitely gave me clarity around what I need to do about my place (and that selling is definitely the right move). :-)  It all makes sense that it's time to move on -- and that it will all work out.  I really enjoyed the experience with you!" C.A.

a beautiful gift for teaching...

Meditation Series: "You have a beautiful gift for teaching, thank you for sharing that gift.  All the best!" A.S.

Journey Through the Chakras Workshop: "Thanks for the guided tour of my chakras, Beth! It was a very informative and enlightening experience and I am already receiving a bounty of beauty and wonder from the journey. Looking forward to the next time my path crosses yours!! xo Norris"

Tarot Party: "I wanted you to know that you were the hit of the party on Saturday! In fact, people were still talking about their readings on Sunday. Thanks for everything. You were a pleasure to have. Have a wonderful summer. Should we have the chance to recommend you, we certainly will." A.D.

...hit of the party

MasterMind Group: "Beth's Master Success Group has really helped me and my business to soar! She created a plan custom-tailored to my specific needs which provided a perfect mix of innovation combined with practical, sensible business advice.  The tools and techniques Beth provided me with are completely indispensable and having the added support of a group environment really helped to encourage and motivate.  So what are you waiting for?  Invest in yourself and learn how to grow your business too!"  Alethea Hunt

phone reading: "thank you! that was so great and i really appreciate it. very empowering!! :)" A.C.

meditation session: "Dear Beth, I just wanted to say thank your for a fun filled meditation session :) This week I have added smile to my meditation sessions. Very best,"  C

vision board workshop: "Hi Beth,  Thanks again, so much, for the wonderful dream board workshop. I've also been checking out your You Tube postings. Excellent!" Joan

 jin shin jyutsu session: "Magic."  C.N.

reiki session: "Still floating -ahhhhh Gratitude" M.B.

I feel so alive

transformative healing: "Hi Beth, I wanted to just drop you a quick note to say thank you to you. You played a key role in my discovering a part of myself I did not realize I possessed or had long forgotten. You helped to guide me to a door I haven't seen before. I have no doubt that had I not participated in the class in August I would not have found this door and made this discovery about myself. I would still be peering through windows watching life go by, wondering why the past is holding me and keeping life at bay. Nothing will ever be the same. My heart has taken wing. I feel so ALIVE! With all of my heart and gratitude I thank you for just being you and for creating a space for becoming. I recorded this performance as a testament to this new-found gift and in gratitude to those who helped me quiet the dragon long enough to discover it. You led me along my path to this place. You are a dragon whisperer, Beth!" N.W.

reiki certification training: "I have had fantastic experiences with Beth over several years and highly recommend her for energy work, training, workshops, etc.  Every time I work with Beth, I experience beneficial shifts in my energy, thinking, and life.  She is delightful." C.B.

energy healing for fertility:“Beth is a wonderful human being with an amazing ability to help people reach their goals and dreams by bringing little miracles and gifts into their lives. She has a unique kindness with a gentle spirit and I feel truly blessed to know her.”  Dana Quick, MSW

meditation sponsor: "Your meditations are wonderful - as are you! I am thrilled by the consistently high attendance. The energy levels are wonderful" Alex Nason, Co-Founder ProMindful


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