Creative Expression

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Stimulate a New Perspective


The Art of Inquiry

What will you do with your one wild and precious life?
— Mary Oliver

If not now, when?

The poet Rilke implores us to "Live the questions themselves, live them now!"

Who are you? Why were you born?  What are you meant to do? How will you do it?  Asking yourself challenging questions leads to powerful insights and discoveries.

Unlock the healing power of your personal story through self discovery - reflective writing, expressive art,  improvisation, storytelling. The emphasis here is all about the process - not about the finished product. Through creative expression, you stimulate new ways of looking at yourself and your life.  What you'll discover is a wellspring of wisdom and hidden treasures. 

We are all born into stories - stories about our conception, our history, about who we are supposed to become, about our parents and our families, about our world. Our history is simply our history. The stories that we tell about our history are mutable and shape who we are in this present moment and the choices we make going forward. 

What is your story? How do you tell your story?  How do we heal ourselves through the truth of who we are? Can we change the narrative to serve our lives and thrive?  (Yes! Yes! Yes!) Change the narrative - Change your Life. 

As a lifelong spiritual explorer and writer,  Beth encourages you to develop a new perspective on your personal narrative through stirring the waters of your life.  What you'll discover is a clarified vision of yourself and your authentic voice - and a whole lot of magic.

Beth's Creative Expression Offerings:

  • Private Session (by appointment - in person or by phone/skype)
  • Group Series of 3 Reflective Writing Classes  at TLC Norwalk (see calendar)
  • Heart Stories Workshop (with Beth & Vicky Cook - see calendar)
  • The Stories We Carry: A Writing and Storytelling Workshop (with Beth & Kerri Gawreluk - see calendar)
  • No Mud No Lotus: Meditation & Writing Afternoon (see calendar)
  • Inside Out: A Creative Afternoon Adventure (see calendar)
  • The Art of Inquiry eCourse (coming soon! please inquire!)