Discover the Secrets of Your Destiny: Tarot & Numerology

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Discover the Secrets of Your Destiny: Tarot & Numerology


Who are you?
This workshop will help you uncover the hidden messages in your birthdate and name at birth.  Through a combination of astrology and numerology, all of us are assigned personal tarot cards. With Beth's guidance, we will uncover the BluePrint of Your Life providing insight and answering "Who Am I?" 

Beth Leas, revered Tarot reader,  will identify your
•Personality Card
•Soul Card
•Hidden Factor/Teacher Card

Learn to apply their wisdom to life lessons and challenges. Discover how Numerology and Tarot can teach you about your path, add to your self-knowledge and your understanding of your world at large. Once you see the grand plan and purpose of your life, clarity will arrive regarding current situations and experiences, so you can move forward, upward and onward! Bring your burning questions, your sense of humor, and your own deck (or use one of Beth's). And bring a friend. The more the merrier!

Thursday, August 2nd 7pm-9pm in Stamford, CT

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