Reiki 1 Class for Kids (7-14)

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Reiki 1 Class for Kids (7-14)


Reiki is an easily learned, gentle, transformative practice which provides a lifelong tool for coping and healing. Practicing Reiki is simply another way of expressing love and concern for ourselves and others.

This experiential Reiki 1 class for is designed for 7-14 year olds who have indicated an interest in learning about and being able to practice Reiki.

Learning about Reiki and being able to practice self-healing techniques empowers children and can boost their self-esteem. Reiki provides a tool to deal with the many stressors of busy lives.

The focus of Reiki 1 is learning self-practice, bringing more balance into your life. You will also learn hand positions for treatment of others and receive an attunement into the Reiki energy.

Space is limited.

Child only - $195; Child and Parent - $295

For more info: Call/text 203.856.9566 or

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