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Heart Stories - Exploration to Celebration

  • Norwalk, CT, 06851 United States (map)

Imagine a new story for your life and start living it.  Join Vicky Cook & Beth Leas for Heart Stories: a power evening of meditation, writing, listening and sharing from the heart.

What is your story? How do you tell your story?  How do we heal ourselves through the truth of who we are? Can we change the narrative to serve our lives and thrive?  (Yes! Yes! Yes!)

We are all born into stories - stories about our conception, our history, about who we are supposed to become, about our parents and our families, about our world. Our history is simply our history. The stories that we tell about our history are mutable and shape who we are in this present moment and the choices we make going forward. 

Change the narrative - Change your Life - through integrative movement, reflective writing, meditation, and creativity.

Vicky Cook ( and Beth Leas ( kept coming back to deep discussions about the truth of their life experiences; the way we see ourselves and portray a story for others is usually very different than how it is received or even the truth of it. They saw a need to re-frame the narrative for each other and now they would like to create space and offer it to you.

Join these luminaries for an afternoon of transforming our heart stories as we give a conscious voice to them through exploration and celebration.

Sunday, November 12th 2pm-5pm  $60Space is limited.