There You Grow Again!

Do you wish every day could feel fresh instead of like a replay of last one?  

Change is often our deepest most insatiable desire, which we fervently deny and so desperately fear. And yet change is the only thing we can count on. Seems we're in a conundrum!

"If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading." Lao Tzu 

Growth requires change and reaching and stretching beyond our comfort zone on every level of being - moving into a new way of living. Habits are automatic behavior - learned and practiced. It saves us the bother of being here now, of "experiencing the experience". We can live in our heads and not be present, fantasize reality. It's safer. We feel more in control, because if we change, who KNOWS what might happen!

But simply making a fresh choice from your rote behavior will open up a whole new way of thinking, helping you entertain a whole new set of possibilities in your life.  This fresh choice just might help resolve a problem you've been struggling with, or plant a seed of realization.

So, now it's time to shake things up and put a new twist on some old habits. Just let whatever happens emotionally, mentally, physically, happen. I can guarantee: there will be surprises!

Challenge of the Day (if you DARE!)

  • Try brushing your teeth with your other hand.
  • Walk down a new block during lunch, and really notice everything as you pass by.
  • Wear 2 pieces of clothing in different colors or contrasting textures - ones you've never put together before - like black and navy or red and purple, or leather and lace (ooh la la!).
  • Try cooking up a new dish with an exotic name you can't even pronounce.
  • Have your breakfast someplace you've never eaten before.
  • Pet the dog/cat with your other hand.
  • Change your ringtone.
  • Listen to a song in a music genre you don't 'like'.


Blessings on your path,